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Setka Editor Video Tutorials

Helpful video tutorials about Setka Editor features

Setka Editor Interface

This walkthrough of the Setka Editor workspace will give you a sense of all the options available to you on the platform and show you precisely where to find the tools you need to create beautiful content layouts.
Video showing Setka Editor interface

Text Formats

This video will show you how easy it is to bring your copy into Setka Editor and change its formatting to your heart’s content.
Video showing how to work with text in Setka Editor

Working with the layout: Grids and Nested Grids

Grids are one of the unique features of Setka Editor, pulled from traditional print design to give you ultimate control over the layout of your articles. There can be a bit of a learning curve but worry not—the videos below will get you up to speed in no time!

Grids and nested grids

Start with this overview of how using grids can transform your layouts and start integrating basic grid structures into your content.
Video about grids and nested grids in Setka Editor

Nested grids

Ready to take your layouts to the next level? This video dives deeper into using the advanced option of nesting grids inside each other to create a more complex structure.
Video tutorial about nested grids in Setka Editor


Since images are so critical to good editorial design, Setka Editor has a wealth of tools to help you integrate them into your posts.
Learn more about how to use them in this video, including uploading images to the image library, editing images directly within the Editor, inserting individual images or image galleries into your posts, adding captions or Alt Text, and using grids to adjust the layouts of your images.
Video tutorial showing how to work with images and image galleries in Setka Editor


Images or solid colors can also be used as backgrounds for your posts' individual elements or entire swaths of your post. This video will walk you through how to add and configure different types of backgrounds.
Video tutorial video about working with background in Setka Editor


Embedding content from other platforms can help you create a more rich, multimedia experience. This video will share how to embed videos and posts from social networks and other sites or add custom HTML and Javascript and all the options you have for formatting these embeds.
Video tutorial showing how to add and edit embeds in Setka Editor


In this video, you’ll learn how to use various indent options to add the right amount of white space to your layout, creating a more comfortable reading experience.
Video tutorial showing how to work with indents in Setka Editor


Adding animation to various elements in your post can be a great way to make it more dynamic. This video will not only walk you through how to add animations to text, images, and more in Setka Editor—including the different animation presets that are available to you and how to use manual animation options to create a specific look—but will also share some best practices for integrating animations into your designs.
Video tutorial showing how to create animations in Setka Editor

Responsive layout for mobile screens

Setka Editor provides flexible tools to tune your content for mobile.
Video tutorial showing how to adjust the post's layout for mobile