All about adding buttons in the Setka Editor interface and editing buttons design (styles).

Creating and Adding a Button

To create and add a button to your content, you need to make sure you created a style for buttons in Content Design System Manager. If you already have styles for your buttons, you can add a button in Side Toolbar.

Creating Button Styles in CDSM (Content Design System Manager)

For every button, you can choose:

  • Its name (you can create several buttons inside your style).

  • Text format for your text on the button.

  • Border width and radius.

  • Colors for text, border, and background for the different button states.

    • Default (before interaction with this button), on hover and click.

Button Styles settings in Setka Content Design System Manager

Inserting a button in the post editor

You can add a button to a post from the Side Toolbar

In the Upper Contextual Menu, you can edit various settings for your buttons. Here is what you can do:

  • Choose the button style.

  • Change the button’s bottom indent.

  • Choose where the button will lead to (URL or anchor).

  • You can also set a telephone number instead of URL — enter tel:5555555555 in the URL field.

  • Set an animation.

  • Set the visibility for different types of devices.

Video tutorial on how to add a CTA in Setka Editor

Please note that Buttons are available on premium plans. Please see our pricing page for more details.