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Adding team members

How to add a team member to your team (sending invites, managing roles).
In Setka Editor, team members can discuss and coordinate their working process using the commenting function.
User authorization and collaboration tools require the plugin version older than 1.10.0.
My Team Tab in Setka Cloud Account

Invite new users to your team

Go to My team at Setka Account, click on Invite user.
  1. 1.
    Fill out the user’s email, the first name / last name, and click Send invite.
Invite User Form in Setka Cloud Account
2. The user has to accept the invitation via email and fill out the registration form.
3. Once registration is completed, the new user’s status turns into active.
From now on, users can leave comments on the Setka Editor page.

Access rights: Admin and Editor

  • Admin can invite new users to the team and manage company Styles.
  • Editors can work in Setka Editor and leave comments in a thread.
Each new user is registered as Editor by default.