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CSS in components

Components use either custom CSS classes or internal classes defined by the Setka style itself.

Custom CSS

The component can contain custom classes. Check the Custom CSS for component box on the component page to add some CSS rules. The code field for the corresponding CSS will open below. These rules are only applied to the component itself:
Screenshot of the Setka interface: Editing the component's Custom CSS

Internal classes

CDSM generates these classes automatically, for each text format, divider, button, etc. Follow this guide to find the class of the standard Setka element.
Internal classes are used to identify which text format, divider or button is used in the component. E.g. if you need to use one exact header, specify its class in the component code:
<h2 class="stk-theme_3883__style_large_header">
Here, stk-theme_3883__style_large_header identifies the "Large header" text format of some style.