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Enhance Symbols

Enhance Symbols features: working with dashes, special characters, quotation marks, punctuation, non-breaking spaces and etc.
Long dashes, quotation marks, non-breaking spaces, and beyond; the flow of text depends on many elements that seemingly go unnoticed. But when they’re off — even by a little — a reader knows.
That’s why we created the Enhance Symbols feature for the Setka Editor toolbox. Enhance Symbols Tool lets you beautify various textual elements like dashes, quotation marks, and non-breaking spaces with the touch of a button.
Hyphens become em-dashes, special characters like copyright and trademark symbols are instantly converted, and any typographical sloppiness or typos like double punctuation are automatically eliminated.
Enhance Symbols works according to different rules depending on the language of the text.
Changes are applied automatically to all of the copy within the post (or the page), including captions for pictures, pull-quotes, and so on.
Because Setka Editor is WYSIWYG, the user immediately sees the corrected text within the working interface, where non-breaking spaces are highlighted for clarity.
You’ll find the Enhance Symbols button on the right side of the bottom Status Bar panel.
Enhanced Symbols Button in Side Tools Bar in Setka Editor
It enables a range of improvements listed below.
Video showing Enhanced Symbols Tool applied to post content in Setka Editor

Adding Non-Breaking Spaces

  • After a short word
  • Before the last short word of a sentence
  • Between a day and month
  • Between a last name and initials
  • Between a number and "thousand," "million," "billion," and "trillion."

Reformatting Special Characters to Standardize Symbols

  • c) → © | (tm) → ™ | (r) → ®
  • m2 → m² | m3 → m³
  • 1/2 → ½ | 1/4 → ¼ | 3/4 → ¾
  • x → × (10 x 5 → 10 × 5)

Beautifying Punctuation Marks

  • Apostrophes
  • Quotes
  • Em dashes instead of hyphens
  • Ellipses instead of three dots

Correcting Typos and Errors

  • Remove HTML tags
  • Delete word repeat
  • Delete double punctuation: “..” → “.” | “! …,” → “...” | “,,” → “,”

Removing Any Excess Spaces

  • After an opening and before a closing bracket
  • Between characters at the end of a line
  • Before punctuation marks
  • At the beginning and end of a text, along with unnecessary line breaks