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Comments and collaboration

All about comments and collaboration in Setka Editor.
Team members can discuss and coordinate their working process and comment on new posts being created. Login/password authentication is required for each user to start leaving comments in Setka Editor.
Collaboration features are available in the Setka Pro plan. Please see our pricing page for more details.
User authorization and collaboration tools require plugin version no older than 1.10.0

How do I add comments?

Click in the paragraph where you would like to leave a comment. When your cursor isn't located in the area where you can leave a comment, the comment icon (button) in the Side Toolbar will remain inactive and will look like this:
When you clicked the paragraph where you would like to leave a comment, click the Add Comment icon
on the Side Toolbar.
Type your comment and press ENTER. Comment boxes appear in yellow. As you add a comment, you can also notify one of your team members (or several team members) by selecting their name(s) in the drop-down menu.
Comment box in Setka Editor interface and drop-down menu to choose the team member to notify

How do I reply to a comment?

To reply to a comment, click on the comment box and type your response in the reply field. This will create a comment thread.
Comment thread in Setka Editor interface with a field to insert reply to a comment before the reply was added
Now add your reply and press the Reply button.
Comment thread in Setka Editor with one comment and one reply when the reply was added but the Reply button wasn't pressed yet
Here is how a commenting thread will look like after you press the Reply button:
Comment thread in Setka Editor with one comment and one reply to the comment

How do I delete a reply?

To delete a reply, click on the trash icon
- it's located to the right of the comment.

How do I delete a comment thread?

To delete a comment thread, click Resolve in the top right corner of the comment area.

How do I add a team member?

There are two ways to register a new team member:
  • Invite user from your Setka Account.
  • Sign up directly in Setka Post Editor.
The number of team members is limited by your Pro plan options.
Learn more about Pro plan options on the pricing page.

Signing up in Setka Post Editor

New users of the Pro or Enterprize plans can create Setka accounts directly in Setka Editor.
Click the Add comment icon
from the vertical right-hand toolbar and Sign Up in the pop-up window.
Screenshot of the popup window to log in to Setka Editor account or create Setka Editor account to add comments in Setka Editor
Once registration is complete, users can start leaving comments in Setka Editor.
Add comment button selected in the Side Toolbar in Setka Editor

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