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Integration with Content Design System Manager (CDSM)

How to integrate your custom CMS with Setka Content Design System Manager.

Before you start

Before starting the integration, make sure that the Editor config URL field is specified in your Setka Account (Integrations tab) for Setka Editor to work on your domain:
Screenshot of Setka Interface: "CMS Integrations" tab, step 1 - "Set your domain" other integration
Editor config url is a link on which you will receive the latest version of the editor and updates for styles created in the Style Manager. On initial sync, you will also receive a public_token, which is required for several editor functions to work, e.g., for commenting and inserting embeds via a URL.
Requests to should contain your license key (hereinafter, in request samples, it is marked as your-license-key). You can get the license key on your account's CMS Integration page in your account:
Screenshot of Setka Editor Interface: "CMS Integration" tab with "Get License Key" field
Please read about all the four steps to integrate Setka with your custom CMS via our API:

Receiving compressed files (.gz)

In all the above-mentioned methods, you receive links to uncompressed resources. You can receive compressed versions from CDN by identifying an Accept-Encoding heading in a request.
curl -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip'

API Errors

Errors that Setka Editor API may return:
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
"error": "Not authorized!"
The error occurs as a result of a request with an incorrect license key (token).
HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity
"errors": {
"code": ["can't be blank"],
"name": ["can't be blank"]
The error appears as a result of an incorrect request.
You can contact our support team with any errors. We will be glad to help!

Links that might be useful

More about custom integration: