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How to customize dividers and edit colors, length and thickness of dividers

Why do I need dividers?

Dividers have many functions. They can be used in overhangs and infographics as well as for isolating text. It all depends on your needs.

Adjusting the divider


Click Dividers > Width. You can specify the length in pixels (px) or percent (%). The divider's final width in percent will be calculated based on the element's width (post/grid/column) into which the divider is inserted.


Click Dividers > Thickness. You can specify the thickness in pixels (px).


Click Dividers > Color. You can specify the color by selecting it in the palette or specifying a color code.


If the divider width is smaller than 100%, you can select the alignment type – to the left, the center, or the right. To do so, click Dividers, open the Alignment menu, and select center/left/right.
Video tutorial on how to add alignment to dividers in the Content Design System Manager