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Launching Setka Editor on the post creation page

How to launch Setka Editor plugin on the post creation page and how to add Setka Editor Gutenberg block in WordPress.

Setka Editor tab on post creation page for WordPress before version 5.0.

After plugin activation, the post creation page will have a Setka Editor tab displayed.
Screenshot of WordPress interface: Setka Editor tab in the classic editor
After switching to the Setka Editor tab, the editor interface will launch. If you didn't enter your license key in plugin settings, the editor would launch with a free tariff functionality, giving you an option to get familiar with the interface. After entering your license key in the bottom right corner, you will see your current tariff, which will match the one displayed in your Setka Account.
Screenshot of Setka Editor interface in WordPress: free version icon highlighted in the right bottom corner of the screen

Setka Editor block on Gutenberg post creation page (for WordPress 5.0 or later)

After plugin activation, you will be able to add a Setka Editor block on a corresponding Gutenberg post creation page.
Screenshot of WordPress Gutenberg Editor: showing a field to search for Gutenberg blocks and Setka Editor block icon
Setka Editor will launch inside a block.
Screenshot of WordPress Gutenberg Editor: Setka Editor block added to a page
That's it; you now have your Setka Editor installed and activated.
If some part of the process doesn't occur, as explained above, make sure to check out WordPress Troubleshooting.