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All about "popover" Footnotes in Setka Editor: adding footnotes, editing content, settings.
Footnotes can help add descriptive information for a name, a term, or a phrase in the text. In Setka Editor, they appear in a modern way — as popovers.

Adding a Footnote

To add a footnote, select a text and click the Footnote button in Upper Contextual Toolbar.
Footnote Button in Setka Editor Upper Contextual Toolbar
When you click the Footnote button, the popup window will open. There you can add various content (text, images, embeds, icons, dividers). Elements inside footnotes can be further designed by changing indents, colors, etc. By default the text format “Small text” is applied to all the footnotes content. However, you can change that.
Footnotes Content in Setka Editor interface

Editing Footnote Settings

You can set the way the footnote appears in the post (on the page) when it's published. Change Footnote setting in the Upper Contextual Toolbar. For desktop, you can choose mouseover or click. Оn mobile devices popover footnotes open with a touch event.‌
Footnote Settings in Upper Contextual Toolbar of Setka Editor interface
Last modified 2yr ago