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How to add tables to your content in Setka Editor, set tables design, column width and adjust view for mobile screens.
It is easier to remember and read data if it is systematized. One of the best ways to bring data into a single system is by using a table to structure it.
With Setka Editor, you can add tables to your posts and adjust their display options.

Adding a table

Please note: Tables are available on the Pro plan or Enterprize plan. Please check our pricing page to learn more.
To add a table to the current paragraph:
  1. 1.
    Click on it or make sure it is in focus.
  2. 2.
    Select Add table in the right toolbar.
  3. 3.
    Fill in the number of rows and columns and click Insert.
Insert Table button in Setka Editor Side Toolbar

Quick add

If you need to add a table above or below the grid, the Quick add menu can be used. To open it, hover the mouse above the grid and click the + button. The purple line above or below the grid will demonstrate where the table would be placed. If the nested grid is selected, the table can also be placed above or below the outer grid:
Adding a table via Quick add menu

Styles for tables

The table style defines the appearance of the borders, the text format, and the background. The style can be applied to the table as a whole and rows, columns, or cells individually.
Table Styles dropdown menu in Setka Editor UpperToolbar

Column width settings

The column width is set as a percentage of the table width.
Column Width settings in Setka Editor Upper Toolbar

Tables view on mobile screens

You can customize the display of tables on mobile screens separately.
Mobile View dropdown in Setka-Editor in the Table tab in the Upper Toolbar
You can transform the table for mobile devices with three available options:
1. Vertical: one line under the other
Vertical: Desktop
Vertical: Mobile
Vertical view for tables in Setka Editor: Preview for Desktop
Vertical View for Tables in Setka Editor: Preview for Mobile screens
2. Scroll: In one screen, but with the ability to scroll from right to left.
Scroll: Desktop
Scroll: Mobile
"Scroll" view for tables in Setka Editor: Preview for Desktop
"Scroll" View for Tables in Setka Editor: Preview for Mobile screens
Important: Tables in Setka Editor are used for data formatting. To structure post elements, use modular grids.
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