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Drag-and-Drop & Multiselect

Enhanced editing experience provides intuitive interaction with the post content. You can select multiple items not only with hotkeys but also by dragging the mouse cursor diagonally. Content elements, such as grids, images, or paragraphs, can be moved and placed in the other part of the article with a special drag handle on the left-hand side.
Currently, multiselect is available for all CMS-s. Drag-and-drop experience is available on all CMS-s except for the Gutenberg WordPress Editor. We'll release the version with the drag-and-drop experience compatible with the Gutenberg WordPress Editor soon. Stay tuned.


The multiselect feature lets you select multiple elements with the drag of the mouse. Then you will be able to apply some formatting or editing in bulk. E.g.:

How to use multiselect

To select multiple items, click the left mouse button, hold it down and start dragging. A transparent blue selection box will appear. Drag this over the areas you want to select — anything touching the rectangle will be selected:
Selecting multiple elements
If something is missed after the mouse button is released, use CMD/CTRL+Click to add more elements to the selection.
You can then use any feature to edit all of the selected fields at once, including:


The drag-and-drop feature makes it easier to move elements within an article.

How to use drag-and-drop

Once an element in an article is selected, you will see the white drag handle with dots on the left-hand side. Grab this handle with the mouse to move the element inside the post. It can be either a single element or multiple pieces of content.
Drag handle on the paragraph
As you drag the elements into different grids on the page, a long purple line will denote where you are placing the element or elements. Thus you can make sure you’re dropping in the right spot. There are three options for how you place the element you’re moving in relation to existing elements.
  • If the purple line is at the top of the existing element, the items will go above it, pushing that element down.
  • If the line is in the middle, the items you’re moving will replace that element.
  • If it’s towards the bottom, the items you’re moving will go below that existing element.