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Access rights

How to manage access rights in Setka Editor account.
You can register one account in Setka Editor. If other users need to have access to the account, we can provide it upon your request. You cannot invite new users on your own at this time.

Multisite integration

Each new site you add requires you to purchase an additional license.
To integrate Setka Post Editor with multiple sites you need to click on Add domain, specify your domain name, and Save. Repeat these steps for each domain you want to add.
Please note: Local hostname (e.g. localhost, will not be accepted. The domain name should be delegated to DNS-servers and resolve into a public IP-address.
In order to test Setka Editor on your local server, you should set up a tunnel to an external IP address (e.g., try localtunnel).
Please, note that the styles you configure in the Content Design System Manager (CDSM) will work on all the websites you specify in the integration settings.
Screenshot of Setka Account interface. Set up custom integration page with "Adding domain" button

Basic authentication

If your web server requires basic authentication, please, add a login and password on the Integrations page in Setka Account to have Setka Editor properly integrated. Otherwise, servers will not be able to exchange requests and style updates.
  • Go to Integrations > Add domain
  • Сheck the HTTP basic auth box, enter the valid login and password
  • Then save changes. For an existing integration, press Edit and repeat these steps.
Screenshot of Setka Account interface. Set up custom integration page with "HTTP basic auth" checkbox