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Setka and Integromat

You can export posts from your Setka account via webhooks. Setka Integromat integration uses them to automatically export posts to other services and CMS.
Thus, you can set up automatic post export to other CMS with Integromat integration, like Shopify, Ghost, Webflow, etc.
Integromat integration requires access to the Setka Content Cloud API. Contact our customer support to get access.


Set up the Setka Post API before using Integromat.

Adding the Setka Post API integration

Integromat connects with Setka via webhooks or by checking the updates in some periods of time. To make the Integromat integration possible, go to the Setka account and proceed to Integrations > Integrate Setka Posts > Other CMS.
The Post API integration will be added. You will see your license key and the ability to add webhooks.
Screenshot of Setka interface: Integration via Post API

Using Setka Editor with Integromat

Follow these steps to add Setka Editor to Integromat:
  1. 1.
    Create a new scenario and choose Setka Editor as one of the apps to integrate.
  2. 2.
    Connect your Setka account to Integromat. Use your license key in the API Key field.
  3. 3.
    You are all set! Now you can gather post updates from the Setka account and use this data as you wish. This includes:
    • Exporting post data to other CMS and updating it automatically.
    • Backing up your posts in Integromat data storage.
    • Other scenarios. Please visit the Integromat Help center to learn more.