Setka Editor

Discover everything you can do with Setka Editor
Here are the articles in this section:
Getting Started
A quick overview of the Setka Editor interface and features, along with all shortcut keys.
Drag-and-Drop & Multiselect
Text Editing
All about text formatting, links and anchors.
Grids and Layout
Working with layouts in Setka Editor, using grids and nested grids.
How to add and change images, add image galleries, image captions, and alt attributes.
Image Editor
Using the in-built Image Editor in Setka Editor.
Background images
How to add background images to content in Setka Editor.
All about using inline Icons in Setka Editor.
How to add animations to text, images and paragraphs in Setka Editor.
All about numbered and bulleted lists in Setka Editor.
How to add tables to your content in Setka Editor, set tables design, column width and adjust view for mobile screens.
All about "popover" Footnotes in Setka Editor: adding footnotes, editing content, settings.
Hotspots bring interactive, contextual pop-ups that contain rich content (text, images, buttons, links, icons, and more)...
Enhance Symbols
Enhance Symbols features: working with dashes, special characters, quotation marks, punctuation, non-breaking spaces and...
Post Templates
All about creating, applying, and editing post layout templates in Setka Editor.
All about adding buttons in the Setka Editor interface and editing buttons design (styles).
Comments and Collaboration
All about comments and collaboration in Setka Editor.
How to embed some elements from external sites into your content (videos, Twitter quotes, Instagram photos, etc.)
Learn how the hyphenation works in Setka and how you can disable it if necessary.
Responsive layout for mobile screens
How to preview the content display on mobile devices and adjust design and animation setting for mobile screens.
Custom CSS
How to add custom CSS to further customize content in Setka Editor.