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Welcome to the Setka Editor help center! We’re so glad you’ve chosen our tool to help you scale up the production of content experiences that increase engagement and convert users, and we hope we can help ensure you’re using the tool to its full advantage.
Setka Editor is a smart tool for distributed teams to design better content experiences that convert without having to code. We help companies upgrade their content design experiences by delivering:
  • Best-in-class software: An easy-to-use flexible editor with powerful design capabilities and outstanding page load performance optimization.
  • Open content ecosystem mentality: We provide seamless integrations with any content management systems or eCommerce platforms and the ability to build on top of Setka Editor.
  • Collaborative design: we enable cross-team collaboration for designers and non-designers alike.
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There are two main parts to Setka Editor:
  • The first is the Content Design System Manager, which allows you to set up specific style guidelines that will apply across all of your content, ensuring consistent branding and saving your team hours of work by creating repeating elements.
  • The second is the Content Authoring Tool or Setka Editor, which is a WYSIWYG editor that allows anyone to assemble content with custom layouts and advanced multimedia capabilities in no time (and without having to code).
Together, these tools encourage inclusive and collaborative content creation across teams, giving designers or agencies the ability to curate design systems and empower marketers and editors to build beautiful posts on their own.
Learn how to use all the different aspects of Setka to get the most out of the platform.


Setka integrates with many different content management systems (CMS) or eCommerce platforms. See the options below and learn how to set up Setka with your preferred CMS.


Want to customize things further? Learn how to use the Setka APIs to integrate with a different CMS, create custom components, or build for API-first platforms.

Video Tutorials

Still unsure how to use some of our features? Check our library of video tutorials to walk you through Setka Editor features.

Components Library

Setka Editor allows you to create reusable “micro templates,” or components, that you can use again and again across your posts. Check out our library for some ideas and even components you can copy and paste to get you started, but know you can build any components you want!

Content Design Best Practices

Our ultimate hope is that you’re able to use Setka Editor to create amazing content experiences that delight readers—and lead to the conversion you’re looking for. While our tools certainly do a lot of the work, you can. Explore our guide to learn tons of best practices for designing amazing content that converts.

Extra Support & Feedback

If you’re still unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you need more help, either by emailing [email protected] or by using the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
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We’d love your feedback! Feel free to use the emoji icons at the bottom of each page in our help center to let us know whether the content was useful or not, or reach out to [email protected] with any thoughts on how we can make the help center more helpful!
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